Formby Red Squirrel Walk

Less than a 17-mile drive from the Best Western Plus Lancashire Manor Hotel, lies a wildlife haven— the Formby Red Squirrel Walk in Merseyside. This enchanting woodland area is known for its delightful population of rare native red squirrels, offering a unique opportunity to view these captivating creatures in their natural habitat.

As you walk along the easy trails meandering through the forest, keep your eyes open for these charming little mammals. Well-marked paths ensure an enjoyable and accessible nature walk, weaving through impressive sand dunes, whispering pine woods, and vast, tranquil beaches. The different habitats promise a biodiverse experience that extends beyond the red squirrels, with birds and even natterjack toads calling the area home.

With the sea on one side and dense woodland on the other, the Formby Red Squirrel Walk presents an invaluable blend of scenic landscapes and wildlife sightings, making it one of the top nature escapes near the Lancashire Manor Hotel.

Discover more about this attractive forest walk and plan your visit by exploring the National Trust website. Immerse yourself in nature's serenity!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Formby Red Squirrel Walk?

The Formby Red Squirrel Walk is a popular nature trail located in the Formby National Trust site in Merseyside. This trail offers visitors a unique opportunity to spot the native but rare red squirrels in their natural habitat.

2. When is the best time to see red squirrels on the walk?

While red squirrels can be spotted throughout the year, they tend to be most active during the early morning and late afternoon. Autumn is an especially good time to spot them as they come out more frequently in search of food.

3. How long is the Formby Red Squirrel Walk and what should I bring?

The walk is about 2 km long and is suitable for all ages. It is a gentle trail that takes you through beautiful woodland. Wear comfortable shoes, and bring a camera if you want to capture images of the squirrels or other wildlife.

4. Do I need to book a ticket for the Formby Red Squirrel Walk?

Entry to the Formby National Trust site and the Red Squirrel Walk is free, but parking charges apply for non-National Trust members. It’s always a good idea to check the National Trust website for the most current information and any changes to opening hours.