Martin Mere

Situated just 20 minutes away from the Best Western Plus Lancashire Manor Hotel is the globally recognized wetland conservation site, Martin Mere. Renowned for its significant contribution towards preserving and promoting biodiversity, Martin Mere offers visitors an opportunity to appreciate natural beauty while learning about wetland conservation.

Open throughout the year, Martin Mere is a perfect choice for families and children. Engage in a wide array of activities from birdwatching, exploring the woodland walks, to meeting otters, flamingos, and even a group of incredibly amusing ducks on duckling nursery tours. Children can immerse themselves in a fun-filled adventure on the canoe safari and outdoor playground.

Visit Martin Mere to experience the perfect blend of wilderness, conservation education, and warm friendliness.

For more information, visit the Martin Mere website and book your wildlife adventure today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Martin Mere?

Martin Mere is a wetland wildlife reserve situated in Lancashire, England. It’s home to numerous species of birds, mammals, amphibians, and fish, offering a unique opportunity for close encounters with wildlife.

2. What activities can you do at Martin Mere?

Martin Mere offers a range of activities, including bird watching, guided boat tours, pond dipping, educational workshops, and seasonal events. There are also several walking trails for visitors to explore the reserve.

3. Can children visit Martin Mere?

Yes, Martin Mere is a family-friendly destination. It offers several activities for children such as interactive exhibits, a play area, and educational workshops that provide a fun and immersive learning environment about different species and habitats.

4. How can I plan my visit to Martin Mere?

You can find all information for planning your visit on the Martin Mere website, including opening times, admission prices, and a map of the reserve. It’s advisable to check any seasonal or event-related changes in timings.